Change in university education does not come with ease or quickly. Formal teaching and learning take years to bring some minute change. However, in the recent times, some tech trends have been noticed in university education. Secret of change lies in these trends. What are those key trends? There are a number of technological trends that have emerged in the sector of higher education.

Here you go with the tech trends that are supposed to bring changes to higher education…


As you move ahead, higher education is likely to become highly mobile. One day, students will carry the university in pockets. Mobile computing devices of today like tablets and smartphones have become quite affordable and accessible to all. They are quite handy than any desktop computers – aren’t they? Tablets and mobile phones have a huge array of functionalities suitable for learning thereby increasing their demand amongst the students.

Variety of apps is available some of which even provide accessibility to the archived contents of a university library. Very soon, it is expected that several innovative and novel education apps will hit the market and educators are also likely to embed them in their teaching practices. A very simple thing like reading while on the move has proved to be hugely beneficial.


Cloud computing unifies activities and contents on a number of devices which people use in their daily lives. Sharing of information and all kinds of data has become so easy nowadays, no matter whether you are in some social gathering, on the road, school, in some work or at home. This new technology has made computing gadgets an indispensable part of life. Many educational apps have also emerged on cloud technology.

Cloud computing comes to great help in the learning of designs since it offers a whole world as your university campus. With the passage of time, you will find that location-based services will become the prime learning device in case of higher education. Management students in their case-study locations, field archaeologists, social workers and nurses – everyone will be connected with their peer learners and university resources.


Do you have any idea about the concept of ‘crowdsourcing’?  It is creating communities on a temporary basis for contributing materials, links and ideas which generally remain unexplored. This advanced technology bridges gaps which cannot be filled up by any other means. In the universities, this technology implies to experimenting with MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses.

In times to come, you are likely to experience that more and more universities are using the social networking media for sharing information. ‘Collective intelligence’ – this very concept is pretty challenging to the accepted norms of university education and traditional teaching modes. However, academics are gradually giving importance to crowdsourcing and so are the students.

These are some of the crucial technological trends that are to turn university education to a great extent.

Simon Hopes is a teacher and a explorer of higher education. He tries to discover new facts about the educational system and also offers help in dealing with statistics problems of all kinds.



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