As a British family living abroad, the issue of education becomes much more significant. Many parents worry about their children’s education, and the matter seems to be more complicated when you live in another country but in reality this is not the case. Becoming expats and moving to another country will not have any significant negative impact on your child’s future. International schools, for example, have a fantastic reputation for providing their students with an excellent education that increases their chances of entering college and university. However, a British International School is one of your best options, especially if you want your child to receive an English language education or to develop bi-lingual skills. It also provides some consistency and familiarity for British expats living abroad.

Choosing the right British International School can be difficult depending on where you’re located. British International schools tend to be a very popular choice for families because of their approach to teaching and education. The majority of international schools abroad focus on languages which can hugely benefit your children when they are living abroad. It is now common practice to teach children in more than one language in international schools, and the focus on celebrating diversity and difference can offer your child a more enriching experience whilst learning to the British curriculum.

It’s important to explore your options if there is more than one British International School in your area. You want to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements for your child along with other deciding factors.  After all, you want to make sure that your children are fundamentally happy in their school life as well as receiving the best possible education. Parents should plan out a series of questions to ask the staff of these schools, covering everything from the curriculum itself to how many graduates are accepted into higher education. Here are some questions that you should be considering:

  • Does the school offer a good extra-curricular activities programme?
  • What sort of reputation does the school have?
  • Is the curriculum challenging and expansive whilst encouraging a love of learning in children?
  • Can the school meet any special needs your child might have?
  • What are the facilities like?
  • Are the teachers friendly and approachable?

There are plenty of questions that you need to ask in order to ensure you choose the right school for your child.  The best way to approach this is to visit and research as many institutions as you can and start acquiring information as quickly as possible so you can get the application process rolling within good time.

Ultimately, the right British International School for your child is the school that makes them feel happy and welcome. International schools already have an excellent reputation for their expansive curriculums, dedicated teaching force and progressive approach to education, so parents can rest assured that their child will be receiving the best education they can.

Article written by Nord Anglia Education, Sanlitun Campus – part of a family of 27 international schools providing a premium education to over 16000 students around the world.



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