If your Internet marketer, you will often hear about SEO marketing methods being widely used and perhaps not exactly understanding what it is, and how it is different from other forms of Internet marketing methods. Once you understand what SCO is, and how to properly utilize it, you can build a very efficient and powerful marketing campaign online that will get your web page consistent traffic, rank well in these search engines, and create an engaging audience over time.


SEO marketing is search engine optimization. It is the process of using keyword and keyword phrases in your online content so that search engines can find and populate your page when users perform search queries when you are playing as SEO marketing; you start by conducting research to determine the keywords and keyword phrases that are most commonly found.

Once you determine the phrases and words that the search engines have identified as most effective, you would incorporate these words and phrases into your titles, descriptions, and content of your web page that you wish to promote. The density of those keywords and phrases, the quality and uniqueness of the materials, and the relevance of the content itself will all be measured by the search engine when determining how, when and if your content will populate when a search is performed.

David Samaniego of SEO Phoenix (website: informed us “Besides the cost to have someone else perform your SEO marketing for you, there is no cost associated with this technique. That means that by performing SEO marketing, you are not purchasing any services from does the search engine for the recognition but just formatting your content so that it meets the criteria that will be favorable for selection by the search engines.”


Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your content so that it is recognized by search engines by using the most popular keywords and key freight This that these search engine reports. Pay per click marketing, on the other hand, is the process of engaging in business with the search engine such as Google, Yahoo or being, to purchase placements on the search engine populated results by selecting keywords and phrases that are reported to be very popular. While search engine optimization is at no cost to you, pay per click marketing requires that you agree for a cost per click that you receive from your marketing strategy. That means that if you are paying one penny for each click, and the search engine displays your page and gets 1000 clicks for you, then you owe the search engine the cost for each of those clicks.


SEO is different from SEM in that the process of search engine optimization is the usage of keywords and keyword phrases to trigger recognition by search engines. SCM is the process of search engine marketing, and which you will utilize multiple marketing strategies to pay for your web page to populate in the results when users search for content related to yours, based on the keywords and the contents of your web page.

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