Difficult Items to Move

If you’ve invested a great deal in a collection of potted plants, moving house to a new location can be a challenge. Moves can take days, and can involve high levels of heat within the airless cargo space of a van. It wouldn’t be possible to put your plants in there. They would be in very poor shape when they arrived. A regular moving company wouldn’t handle such a job, either.

It’s the same with pets. Both require special, dedicated moving services.

You might believe that plants and pets would be the only challenging parts of your move (save for the piano, which would also need a dedicated moving service). This isn’t true, though. Until the packing day arrives, it can be hard to really imagine where the challenges lie.

Moving aquariums

Aquariums aren’t hard to move the way pets or plants are. When you put fish in a large plastic bag of water, they are usually happy riding with you in your car, and are no trouble. The aquarium itself can be hard to move, though. They are large and fragile, and they smell. They can contain a colony of beneficial bacteria that are essential to the health of your fish. You don’t want anything to happen to them. Your best hope is to simply recolonize your aquarium when you get there.

In addition, to make sure that the surfaces, pebbles and other components do not become moldy, you’ll need to clean and dry ahead of time. You’ll need to read up on how this is done.

Moving artistic items

Unless the art that you own is worth hundreds of thousands (or has sentimental value that makes it feel that way), you don’t need to hire special art movers. You can either move your art yourself or have the regular moving service handle it along with the rest of your move. You do need to put in special care and attention to make sure that each item is packed carefully in individual boxes and with plenty of cushioning to minimize the chance of movement, breakage or chafing.

Built-in items

It may not occur to most people to move a large hot tub, a kitchen cabinet or a countertop, but it’s possible, and it’s done. If these are items that you own, and they would be useful at the home that you’re moving to, you need to call in a home improvement contractor to remove them and have them placed outside where they can be packed and loaded. In most cases, the packing, loading and transportation of these items are well beyond the wheelhouse of the DIY mover. You do need a professional moving service to come in.

One of the best ways to make your move easier would be to simply give away as many of the awkward items as possible. Your hot tub and other such inbuilt items would be a good idea to get rid of, as would be your plants. Even music instruments can be given away. You could always buy a used piano. There are thousands of people out there practically giving their pianos away.



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